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Teamwork is the most crucial component to project success. That's why we're elevating the development, building and interior design processes to an unprecedented level of collaboration in Austin by merging with industry constituents. 

At The DEN, on the first floor of the W Austin Hotel, you can find Jeanne Schultz Design Studio alongside DEN Property Group and Viceroy Commercial Real Estate. Under one roof, industry-specific knowledge is syndicated to enable a holistic approach from concept to construction. 

What does this mean, exactly? It means, when you come to The DEN, we are your people from start to finish. From acquisition - a plot of land, office space, rental, sublet, or any kind of space - to selling, designing, finishing out, decorating, or building. 

We know it takes a lot of people to bring an idea to life, and that's why we've built a community of relationships that have sustained through multiple projects, homes, and phases of life. The DEN is right at the center of the urban core with the door always open. We're ready to share information about the best of Austin, and how we can harness the strength of collaboration to enrich your project goals.


Compact Kitchens


A small kitchen need not be limiting, even for for avid cooks or families, when designed to optimize space and utility. Drawing examples from our project The Miriam Residences, we'll highlight various ways for you to make the most of your kitchen space. 


Purchasing appliances with a smaller footprint (18"-30") leaves room for more storage and maneuverability. While smaller in size, compact appliances from manufacturers like Bosch, Bertazzoni, Gaggeneau, or even Whirlpool, have no shortage of capability. 

The oven featured above is a Bertazzoni Speed Oven, which functions as both a convectional oven and microwave. Because the microwave is integrated, the need for a supplementary appliance is eliminated. Not only does this save space in cabinet linear footage, but it also helps manage a non-cluttered aesthetic on or above the countertops. This oven is only 24" wide and fits nicely into a trimmed cabinet, yielding a modern, minimalistic look. While only 17" tall, it is equipped with two racks, 6 cooking modes, a glass turntable for microwaving, and other accessories for fast and efficient cooking. Its modest height presents the opportunity for an additional baking sheet drawer to be built-in below it, maximizing storage and tying into a unified cabinet design. 

Ceramic cooktops are sleek alternatives to ranges and raised metal grills. The appliance mounts nearly flush to the countertop and may function as a useable surface when not heated. A contiguous surface optimizes workspace and prevents an interruption to preparation areas. Pictured is a 24" wide Bertazzoni Cooktop, which has 4 burners to allow for multitasking. 


Counter-depth refrigerators facilitate a clean look and can help minimize appliance extension into standing, circulation, or work areas. Fitting snug and flush to adjacent cabinetry, a counter-depth product provides cohesion to the kitchen and occupies a minimal footprint. 24" wide refrigerators like the Bosch product pictured [left] provide plenty of storage and a freezer option while remaining slim and compact. If your needs require maximum storage, products like the Bertazzoni counter-depth refrigerator [pictured top right] come 36" wide and still integrate seamlessly with the cabinetry.


Efficient cabinet design yields optimum storage solutions. Deep stackable drawers minimize linear cabinet footage, taking full advantage of vertical space. A variety of cookwares and tools may be stored in appropriately sized drawers versus traditional base cabinet shelf-and-door options.

Experiment with your vertical cabinet space to create customized fittings for your objects, while occupying a standard base cabinet width. 

In lieu of a pantry closet, open shelving may provide additional food storage by stretching the full horizontal width of your kitchen space. 

Open shelves stack vertically more efficiently than the confinements of a mounted upper cabinet, and also provide storage area for dinnerware, etc.

Island Dining

Utilize your island as a work area or dining surface. This eliminates the necessity for a conventional table and chairs, which can occupy a lot of floor area. A 12" countertop overhang extending from your standard 24" base cabinet depth should yield adequate space for tableware and other activities. 


If you're tight on space, consider a 24" wide single basin sink to minimize cabinet dimensions. A single basin will allow for maximum utility.

Project featured: The Miriam Residences

Design Team: Jeanne Schultz Design Studio and Joel Mozersky Design

Development Team: Will Steakley, Taylor Perkins, Jack Lieberman

Photography: Leah Muse

Home goods: Kettle & Brine

Furniture: Madre Rents